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Hence forth unto Evolution's end

The Journey of a Biped

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Birthdate:Sep 18
My journal is mostly friends only, with an occasional open entry that is usually of even less relevance than the rest. If you do take an interest in me, do not hesitate to let me know, I just like to moderate who read about my personal life.

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'80s rock, 'allo 'allo, a-ha, academics, accents, anne rice, asip, being female, biology, biotechnology, black adder, blackadder, board games, books, british comedy, british humour, c.s. lewis, carnivores, cats, chickens, christopher walken, corvidae, dark humor, darkness, darwinism, david attenborough, dna, dragons, eating, england, english literature, english-english, equine color genetics, eradication-of-the-pony-word, erotica, ethology, europe, evolution, evolutionary theory, fantasy, fantasy literature, final fantasy, folklore, galdramenn, genetics, geology, hair metal, heavy metal, hestalitir, his dark materials, horses, huldufólk, human evolution, iceland, icelandic chickens, icelandic culture, icelandic horses, icelandic sheep, intellect, intellegent conversation, intelligence, isfolket, j.r.r. tolkien, james bond, knitting, larp, learning, leather, literature, litförótt, live action roleplay, long haired men, lopi, lord of the rings, matp, mc1r, meat, melodic metal, middle earth, molecular farming, moonlight, muskótt, mythology, myths and legends, móálótt, narnia, nature, night, nighttime, nightwish, norse mythology, not icelandic ponies, occult, olsen-banden, privacy, rammstein, ravens, reading, red dwarf, role playing, romanticism, rowan atkinson, sauðalitir, scandinavia, science, scoundrel days, sean bean, sean connery, sexuality, shape of despair, sherlock holmes, simon and garfunkel, sleep, spirou, street hunter, talisman, the balrog, the equine c-locus, the new caledonian crow, the prophecy trilogy, timothy dalton, tintin, tolkien's work, translating livejournal, understanding, vampire chronicles, vampires, wool, zoology, álfar, ísland, íslenska, , ⌥,
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